Compassionate, cutting edge speech pathologists and language therapists in Sydney

Speakable offers solutions to speaking, reading and thought based obstacles in adults and children

Speakable is a speech pathology practice helping children and adults overcome speaking, reading, learning and thought based obstacles.

We believe in empowering our clients to conquer their weaknesses and succeed on their own two feet (and one brain). Our methods are evidence based and cutting edge.

We help you unleash your talents by overcoming your weaknesses

Our key areas of service are:

Speech Pathology

Speech therapy for speaking and listening challenges for adults and children from toddlers to teenagers

Literacy and Learning

Therapy for reading, writing and learning difficulties for adults and children

Cogmed Working Memory Training

A training program scientifically proven to help children and adults improve their focus, attention span and address ADHD.

Accent Reduction

Accent neutralisation to help people of non English speaking backgrounds better succeed in English speaking environments

Confidence Life Coaching

Life coaching to help people identify and overcome the fears which hold them back

We've thought long and hard about our approach

We believe in being empowering, cutting edge and evidence based.


Our work doesn't stop when we leave the clinic. We empower our clients to help themselves and parents to help their children.


We believe learning should be fun. We create a high energy atmosphere so you or your children look forward to each session. Cutting Edge Research and treatment development is constantly evolving in our field. We evolve with it to offer you the latest therapies.

Evidence Based

Our therapies and programs are evidence based. Rigorously tested and scientifically proven to give you peace of mind and confidence in results.


We recognise people's individual strengths and talents, not just their weaknesses. In fact, we work on their weaknesses so that their talents may flourish. We see people as a whole.


We do what we promise and set realistic expectations.

We're highly experienced

Founded in 2014, Speakable emerged from one of Sydney's oldest and most respected speech pathology practices, whose founder, Binh Doan, had managed for close to a decade.

Holding a Bachelor in Biomedical Science and Master of Speech Pathology, Binh is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. Focused on continual improvement, Binh has also completed a Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assesment and became a Cogmed Qualified Coach.

We believe in giving back

Learn more about the work we do for the community, locally and abroad! 

Be Confident Highly qualified and up to date

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Be Inspired Like our clients

"I can’t speak highly enough of Speakable... We owe so much to Speakable and my son’s “Dr Ben”"

Catriona, Sydney

"When you see and witness the difference in your child’s ability before and after seeing Binh, it will astound you with the difference and positive results."

Toni, Randwick, Sydney

"My son has been very fortunate to have been working with Binh Doan as his speech therapist... Has a wonderful balance of being encouraging, yet structured."

Sue, Sydney

"The strategies he provided were refreshing and realistic"

Jayne, North Sydney

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