Accent Reduction

Open doors in your career and social life

A strong accent can be catastrophic for you

Why is accent reduction vital in Sydney? You made it here. Now you want to be successful.
Communication is essential to success. But in the rush to learn English, many people retain bad habits and strong accents.

A strong accent can be catastrophic to your future. It inhibits your ability to influence others. They may misunderstand, make you repeat yourself multiple times and get frustrated using more energy than normal with you.

It leads to people avoiding you socially. It makes you vulnerable to negative stereotyping and prejudices.

Noticeable results within 5 weeks

Speakable’s intensive, 1 on 1 accent reduction specialist coaching is the fastest, most effective way to neutralise your accent.

Scientific, evidence-based therapies ensure concrete results. With our specialised methodology, you can start noticing improvements in five weeks or less.

For maximum impact, we personalise your coaching around your job, career and social priorities. We factor in your most common daily interactions to bring you fast improvements where it matters most.

Achieve results only an experienced expert accent reduction speech pathologist can deliver

Highly qualified, Binh Doan’s experience and passion stem largely from his own journey. Immigrating to Australia in his teens, Binh faced his own uphill challenge with accent, language and culture.

Successful now, he understands the challenges people with strong accents and imperfect English face finishing high school, completing university, creating friendships or forging a professional career.

Book your 60-minute 1 on 1 assessment with an experienced Speech Pathologist for just $190 today

Discover a brighter future, free of accent and language worries.

We start with a 60-min first consultation where we discuss your goals and priorities and do articulation, word, phrase, sentence and conversation tests. It can be done in our office or over the phone, Skype or Webinar. The fee for this is $190.

We then evaluate your strengths and challenges and develop a program personalised around your goals and priorities. This is typically a package of 5, 8 to 10 coaching sessions. Individual, group and corporate lessons are available. The cost for a 60 minute lesson is $190. A discount of 2% is applied if a package of 5, 8 or 10 lessons is paid in advance.

Vietnamese Accent Modification Program

In 2016, Speakable teamed up with Central Queensland University to create this 10-week program aimed at improving Engish pronunciation for Vietnamese speakers. The program is well researched and specifically tailored to the difficulties that Vietnamese speakers face whilst learning English as a Second Language. It is designed for the individuals who have previously participated in General English courses or have prolonged (over 5 years) experience learning English. This program will help you to speak English with clarity and fluency. Being able to communicate well will create more success in personal and work life.

Week 1. Introduction - 1 hour

Week 2. Vowels - 1 hour

Week 3. Consonants & IPA - 1 hour

Week 4. Verbs & plurals - 1 hour

Week 5. Word syllables & stress - 1 hour

Week 6. Sentence stress - 1 hour

Week 7. Intonation - 1 hour

Week 8. Slangs & Colloquialisms - 1 hour

Week 9. Connected speech - 1 hour

Week 10.Summary & Post assessment - 1 hour

Cost: $1,700 including all materials. Lessons are one-on-one. Choose the time and days that work for you.

Call us on 02 8021 6356 or email for more information about the course.

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