Parent Coaching

Improve your child's therapy performance through your own contribution!

To help kids on learning activites at home as therapy support

Speakable’s Speech and Language Pathologists are knowledgeable in speech and language issues and solutions. However, only parents and carers are experts in their own children. This is an important fact that leads to the fruitful partnership of our SLPs' therapy sessions with the parents' and carers' support throughout the time the child is not at the therapy sessions.

When not at the therapy session, the child might focus on resting, having fun on any other activity other than the acquired skills from the last therapy sessions. Parents and carers, then, can stimulate the child's memory and help make those skills permanent on the child's mind and practices. Therefore, they ensure a successful therapy program for the child to accomplish.

From simple activities and adapted homework to observation and evaluation techniques, Speakable offers this coaching program for parents and carers to contribute more actively to the child's success.

What is the Parental Coaching for Reading Support?

Speakable is a clinic which is highly interested on the success and wellbeing of our clients under therapy. However, our evidence based, cutting edge methods must not be limited to the therapy sessions. Your child needs to keep practicing even when not in the therapy sessions.

Therefore, parents and other carers can contribute to the child's accomplishments by learning from Speakable the best approaches to reinforce the achievements from past therapy sessions.

Become a therapy contributor for your child's accomplishments!

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