Speech Pathology for Children

Pave a path to speaking success with our speech pathologists and language therapists for toddlers, children and teenagers in Sydney

We help children overcome speaking and listening obstacles.

Speakable is an experienced speech pathologist and language therapist clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, helping adults and children ranging from toddlers to teenagers overcome speaking and listening challenges. We also address reading and learning, Cogmed, ADD, accent reduction and confidence life coaching.

Our methods are empowering, evidence based and cutting edge.

We know you want to overcome obstacles as efficiently as possible. That’s why we focus heavily on empowering you and your child with the skills needed to succeed away from the clinic.

Our treatment programs evolve with the latest advancements to offer you the designed results. Only evidence-based therapies are used, rigorously tested.

Our approach forges speech pathology and language therapy results.

We are energetic, compassionate and integrity driven. We create a fun environment which makes learning happy and effortless. We see each person as a whole. We don’t focus only on their weakness because believe they are much more than weaknesses. To go with all this, we set realistic expectations, deliver what we promise and are always available to talk.

In order for us to learn about you, please fill out one of following score cards and we’ll be in touch.

Our Services Here's a range of what we do

Speech Therapy for Children

We provide speech therapy for pre-teens and teenagers.

Speech Therapy for Toddlers & Babies

We provide speech therapy for toddlers from 12 months old

Expressive & Receptive Dysphasia


Auditory Processing

Stuttering or Stammering

Verbal Dyspraxia

Expressive Language Disorder

Receptive Language Disorder

Speech Delay

The Listening Program

The Listening Program is one of the resources we use to provide speech therapy.

Pragmatic Speech Disorder

We address pragmatic speech disorder.

Articulation Disorder

We treat articulation disorder in children.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

We provide paediatric speech therapy in Sydney.

Speech Impairment

Treating speech impairments in toddlers and children.

Lidcombe Program

The Lidcombe Program is one of the tools we use to deliver speech pathology services.

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