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Conquer reading, writing and learning difficulties like a champion at our cutting edge Sydney clinic

We help toddlers, children and teenagers overcome reading, literacy and learning difficulties

Speakable is an experienced reading, writing and learning difficulties clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, helping adults and children ranging from toddlers to teenagers overcome literacy challenges. We also address speaking and listening, Cogmed, ADD, accent reduction and confidence coaching.

We empower you with cutting edge, evidence based therapies

We offer you maximum certainty over results, only using therapies based on rigorous evidence. Our methods are cutting edge and always evolving with the latest advancements in this field.

Our work doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. We believe in empowering our clients to help themselves and showing parents how to help their children.

Our approach gives you happier literacy and learning results.

We are energetic, compassionate and integrity driven. We create a fun environment which makes learning happy and effortless. We see each person as a whole. We don’t focus only on their weakness because believe they are much more than weaknesses. To go with all this, we set realistic expectations, deliver what we promise and are always available to talk. 

Our Speech and Language Pathologists are ready to help you understand your improvement opportunities and monitor your development.

We employ many different techniques to assess individual characteristics in speaking, reading and writing. Techniques such as the CELF-5, the South Australian Spelling Test, the Slosson Test of Oral Reading and the Neale Analysis of Reading Ability are among the many reliable and relevant we carry out to develop the best therapy plan for each case. 

We are experienced in the use of the most effective and engaging intervention methodologies.

Each person needs individual approaches for their speech and language pathologies, so the mentioned assessments will indicate how our team will employ their efforts and expertise in order to provide the proper intervention.

The most successful methodologies for Speech and Language Pathology treatment are part of our team's knowledges, including: 


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