How we use MULTILIT to help your child develop their literacy and speed processing skills

What is the MultiLit?

Professor Kevin Wheldall and Dr. Robyn Wheldall developed the MultiLit approach in 1995 at Macquarie University, Australia. These specialists were trying to figure out the best way to assist low-progress readers based on their research. In fact the slogan for MultiLit is "Making up for lost time in literacy."

The purpose of MultiLit was to find a method shaped by evidence-based research. As Professor Kevin Wheldall explains, “By engaging with parents, teachers, schools, and government, our aim is to bring about major educational change so that far fewer children are left to struggle in school with inadequate reading and related skills, the skills essential for academic success in all areas.”

What is the Speech Pathologists role in reading?

Speech Pathologists have a direct role in identifying those at risk of reading difficulties, and assisting children develop literacy skills. This is important because children who are identified early on as being at risk have greater chances at success in therapy.

Who is it for?

The MultiLit is designed for low-progress readers of all ages. However, it can also support those who are at risk of developing reading difficulties.

How does the MultiLit program work?

MultiLit consists of many different programs, tailored to different ages and strengths. For example the MiniLit is designed for children in Year 1, whereas Word Attack Skills is designed for Year 4 and up.

The approach is a combination of:

• Positive teaching

• Phonemic awareness

• Word activities

• Reading

• Spelling

• Comprehension tasks

How often is the training?

Ideally MultiLit is carried out by a trained professional 30-40 minutes per day, for four days a week.

Where can I get more information?

MultiLit’s website

An Evaluation of MultiLit: Making Up Lost Time In Literacy (2000)

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