Speech Therapy for Toddlers & Babies

Speech Therapy for Toddlers and Babies in Sydney

What is early intervention?

Early intervention is the belief in Speech Therapy, that the earlier a child receives therapy, the higher their chances of success in therapy. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of early intervention.

What are the common concerns of parents?

Parents often contact us when their toddlers have the following issues: "My child has problems speaking, even though s/he seems to understand everything that I say."

"My child is very active and can't sit still."

"People cannot understand what my child says."

"My child is almost 3 now and can only babble and say a few words."

"My child is very talkative but people find it hard to understand him/her."

What is the process?

First your Speech Pathologist will ask you about your child's medical and developmental history. They will then assess their speech, language, and play skills. These guidelines will tell the clinician where your child is, on the developmental scale. We work as a team with parents, teachers and family members to design an individual program for your child. We want to offer results and do what we can in order for your child achieve the best possible outcomes.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact Speakable via email or phone, if you have any questions or concerns.

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