Dyslexia Testing

Dyslexia testing by an experienced Sydney speech pathologist

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia results in difficulty reading single words, a process known as “word decoding.” You can read more about the characteristics of Dyslexia here.

Dyslexia Testing

As with many disorders, there are two types of Dyslexia, and each case may vary in severity. For example, John has difficulty reading, so he sees a Speech Pathologist to be screened for Dyslexia. The clinician first sees if John has problems matching letters to the sounds he hears, to test for Dysphonetic Dyslexia. However, John has no problem with this task. The Speech Pathologist asks him to read whole words when he sees them on a page. John has great difficulty with this task, so the clinician tells him he has Dyseidetic Dyslexia, the least common type of Dyslexia. They explain that this type is related to visual-spatial skills, as opposed to auditory (hearing) skills. This information helps the clinician make the best therapy plan for John. John attends therapy and over time his reading improves.

Where can I get more information?

Australian Dyslexia Association

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