Cogmed and TALi TRAIN Working Memory Training

Fully-qualified Cogmed and TALi TRAIN Working Memory Training Coach in Sydney

Cogmed training is scientifically proven to improve focus, working memory and ADHD in adults and children worldwide

If you or your children suffer with ADHD or poor focus and attention span, Cogmed Working Memory Training can help overcome this without medication.

Our Cogmed Qualified Coach can help your children improve learning or help improve your productivity and performance at a work:

  1. Sustain focus on tasks and projects
  2. Resist distractions
  3. Better remember details and instructions
  4. Improve problem solving and complex reasoning

Poor working memory is like an invisible ceiling

Working memory affects your quality of life. It determines how successfully we perform everything from menial tasks to complex problem solving. It's how we keep and process information in our minds.

Poor working memory can lead to poor academic performance, low productivity at work, diminished self esteem and other challenges.

Fortunately, working memory is like a muscle

Neuroscientists have found working memory can be expanded and improved through specific, intensive exercises.

Cogmed is a highly structured cognitive training program designed to expand and improve working memory for preschoolers, school children and adults.

It combines personal coaching from Speakable's Cogmed Qualified Coach with a series of daily, computer based exercises, which may be done from home over a series of weeks.

Cogmed is scientifically proven and evidence based

Supplied by Pearson, the world's leading education group, Cogmed emerged from cutting edge neuroscience research and is supported by rigorous research published in numerous peer reviewed journals.

Dynamically optimised, it continually adjusts itself to ensure the participant's brain is working at fully capacity.

Cogmed treats the cause, not just the symptoms

Cogmed delivers a sustained solution for working memory deficiency because it actually increases your working memory.

Unlike other ADHD treatments which are behavioural, Cogmed directly addresses the cause, not just the symptoms. And it doesn’t involve medication.

TALi TRAIN is a world-first digital therapy aimed to improve children's attention skills

Speakable also has TALi TRAIN, a scalable early childhood attention training program validated by Gold Standard clinical research. Our customers now have a new, non-invasive, and clinically tested early intervention option in Speakable's toolset with TALi TRAIN, a world-first digital therapy.

TALi ReadyAttentionGo is a tablet-based attention training program that consists of 25 x 20-minute sessions, conducted over a five-week period.

The tasks adapt and become more difficult to challenge and improve attention skills. Real-time data is recorded and sent back to your TALi TRAIN coach.

Have a chat with our Cogmed and TALi TRAIN Qualified Coach today

Poor working memory can be like a leash holding back enormous talent and potential.

Our first consultation starts with a working memory assessment and an interview to discuss your challenges and goals. We only proceed with the Cogmed Training Program if you or your child's working memory is diagnosed to be below a certain level.

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