Phonemic Awareness

How we teach Phonemic Awareness to help prepare your child for literacy.

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Phonemic Awareness is when a child consciously tunes into the sounds within words. Teaching your child Phonemic Awareness will help prepare your child for developing literacy skills (reading and writing). It has been shown that children, who have difficulty with these skills in kindergarten, are more likely to have trouble reading and spelling in primary school.

How does Speakable teach Phonemic Awareness?

A Speech Pathologist can take many approaches to teaching Phonemic Awareness. It is likely your Speech Pathologist will ask to involve your child’s teachers, to increase Phonemic Awareness within the classroom. They may teach skills such as segmenting and blending. After these skills are realised the pairing of letters to sounds can be introduced. However, introducing a child to letter-sound representations too soon can lead to confusion.

What is segmenting and blending?

Segmenting is the process of breaking words up into sounds. For example the word tree has three phonemes. Segmented it is t-r-ee.

Blending is the exact opposite of segmenting. When you are provided with the sounds and you ‘blend’ them into a word.

What can I do?

You can play Phonemic Awareness games at home with your child. Just ask a Speakable Speech Pathologist what level of skill your child is at.

Where can I get more information?

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