Lidcombe Program

How we use the Lidcombe Program to help your child overcome stuttering

What is the Lidcombe Program?

The Lidcombe Program is an evidence-based, behavioural treatment for young children who stutter. The program was created by a group of speech pathologists and researchers at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre (The University of Sydney).

How is the program carried out?

The treatment is carried out by a parent or carer in the child's daily environment. During clinic visits, the speech pathologist shows the parent how to administer the treatment, observe and give essential feedback about how they are going with the treatment.

This is a direct approach where the parent comments directly and positively about the child's speech. The child is praised instantly when speaking smoothly. The parent only occasionally comments on the child's speech when he/she stutters.


There are 2 stages. During stage 1, the parent performs the treatment each day and attends the speech clinic once a week with the child. This stage continues until stuttering either disappears or reaches an extremely low level. Stage 2 commences at this point. The goal is to keep stuttering away for at least one year.

Does the Lidcombe Program work?

Yes! Independently replicated clinical trials show that the program does work to get rid of stuttering. The treatment is safe as parent-child relationships and other aspects of communication do not seem to be affected. The children are reportedly more outgoing and talk more after attending the program because they are no longer stuttering.

How long does it take?

Approximately 12 clinic visits to get to the point where stuttering has gone or is at an extremely low level. Next, 3 more clinic visits are required before stage 2 begins. During stage 2, there are fewer visits to the clinic. Children with more severe stuttering will usually take a little longer.

How can I get more information?

Call us on 8021 6356 for a chat about your child's stuttering or if you have any questions about the Lidcombe Program.

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