The Reading Doctor

We use The Reading Doctor to help children overcome reading and learning difficulties

What is Reading Doctor?

Reading is a complex, important skill. Many children have difficulty learning to read. Reading Doctor is an Australian-made software designed to help children, like these, develop their literacy skills such as spelling, reading and writing. Children can play Reading Doctor on their computer or iPad.

This program improves the following skills, which are known as the building blocks of literacy:

• Decoding: Forming the connection between letters and sounds

• Phonemic Awareness

• Blending

• Segmentation

• Sight words

Who is it for?

Reading Doctor is designed for children aged 4-8, with:

• Dyslexia

• Other reading impairments

• Limited phonological processing skills

How does the Reading Doctor program work?

Show and not tell:Visuals are used to help children understand the main concepts of literacy.

Multisensory approach: Reading Doctor implements a multi-sensory approach, which means children can see and hear the new word, or sound, as they are learning. By engaging our senses (sight and hearing) we assist our memory and learning.

ScaffoldingThe software changes the level of support (such as giving praise, changing level of difficulty) provided for the child, depending on their performance.

How often is the training?

Training depends greatly on the child’s age and specific needs. Your Speech Pathologist can provide you with more information on the length and frequency of training after an initial assessment.

Where can I get more information?

Reading Doctor’s Official Website

Apps for Reading Doctor

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