Lindamood Bell

We use the Lindamood Bell Program to treat literacy and learning challenges

What is Lindamood Bell?

Lindamood Bell is an organisation co-founded by Nanci Bell, a special education teacher, 30 years ago. It is known for creating programs, based on research, to help children develop their reading and comprehension skills. Speakable uses Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for cognitive development, comprehension and thinking.

What is the Visualisation and Verbalisation Program?

The Visualisation and Verbalisation Program works by strengthening the connection between spoken language and visual imagery. In VV, the specialist teaches the child to use mental imagery to remember texts. There are different levels depending on the length, and complexity of the texts. They encourage the child to remember features such as size, colour, shape, location, movement, mood, perspective, and sound, to name a few.

Research has shown this approach assists:

• Comprehension

• Auditory memory

• Critical thinking

• Vocabulary

• Writing

VV is designed to help all ages. Those who will most benefit from the program may:

• Have to re-read texts a few times to remember what they have read

• Has difficulty understanding spoken language

• May remember details (the "parts") but have trouble remembering the whole

• Appears to have difficulty sustaining attention

• Often ask the same question repeatedly

Where can I get more information?

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