Speech Therapy for Children

Speech Therapy for Children

Speech Pathology and Language Therapy in Bondi Junction, Sydney

Speakable is an experienced speech pathologist and language therapist clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, helping toddlers, kids and teenagers overcome speaking and listening challenges. We also address reading and learning, Cogmed, ADD, accent reduction and confidence coaching

We have a team with experience in speech therapy for children

Our treatment programs evolve with the latest advancements and offer you the previously agreed results. Each program is rigorously tested and proven before being introduced to ensure only evidence based treatments you can trust are used.

This ensures you and your child are empowered with the skills and strategies to overcome speaking and listening challenges and happily succeed.

Our approach forges speech pathology and language therapy results.

We are energetic, compassionate and integrity driven. We create a fun environment which makes learning happy and effortless.

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