Who are we?

Our mission: To help individuals overcome their communication and literacy challenges in order to achieve their life goals and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Binh Doan

Speech & Language Pathologist

Binh Doan is the Director and Founder of Speakable. He graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (2001) and a Master of Speech Pathology (2003) at The University of Queensland. Through integrating all the skills that he has learned in the past 14 years, Binh provides a comprehensive approach to the education and remediation of language-based learning for preschoolers through to high school students and adults. He has experience in Paediatric Speech Pathology, Accent Reduction for English as Second Language speakers, Stuttering, Literacy, and Public speaking. Binh is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. He is a member of Toastmasters International and has been awarded with Competent Communicator in 2016.

Binh is also a yoga teacher and a life coach. He is passionate about combining all the skills and strategies that he has learnt in order to help his clients achieve their goals to the best of their abilities.

Tara Taylor

Speech & Language Pathologist

Tara graduated from Macquarie University with a Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Sydney University. Tara has worked at various Allied Health Clinics and she has experience in implementing a broad range of assessments and evidence-based treatment approaches. Tara is committed to providing evidence-based interventions with a focus on strengthening children’s ability to cope and thrive within their environment by stimulating their communication and learning skills. To effectively achieve this, she is dedicated to implementing family centred practice principles which involves collaboration with each client and their family to set holistic and functional goals. To continuously expand and update her skills, Tara is actively involved in professional development activities. Tara has completed PROMPT (c) Introduction to Technique training. She also has experience in the treatment of stuttering using the Lidcombe Program. Tara is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.

Haruko Nara

Japanese Teacher

Han Sol Kim

Speech & Language Pathologist

Amos Tsang

Speech & Language Pathologist

Van Nguyen

Office Assistant

Van helps with administration and looks after our students and clients.

Rebecca Nguyen

Office Assistant

Rebecca helps with administration and looks after our students and clients.

Henrique Santos

Case & Marketing Manager

Henrique is a Marketing professional with a completed Master of Contemporary Communication and an ongoing Master of Education for Special Needs. His love for teaching and communication has led him to work for advertising agencies, market research consultancies, educational institutions and nowadays he shares his experience for the solution of Speakable's and its clients' needs.

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"Binh helped me to pinpoint where to focus my energy and how to create value in all aspects of my life."

Jayne, North Sydney

"Binh is a true inspiration... energy for life that is contagious... ability to understand and nourish the souls of others"

Hayden, Brisbane

"Authentic and passionate approach to coaching lets you build a foundation of trust."

Jayne, North Sydney

"Taught me how to unlock my potential and maintain my peak state... strategies he provided were refreshing and realistic."

Jayne, North Sydney

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