How mums can help their children’s studies

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How mums can help their children’s studies

More and more frequently, we can see families where both mother and father dedicate a significant portion of the day working for a company – be it working at an office or from home. Because of this social and cultural trend, the number of working mums has increased in an astounding pace, impacting in family relations and, consequently, how motherhood is hindered by the business world. Even with limited timeframes, mums still need to watch over their children’s health, social interactions and school performance. Aiming to give some support in this last topic, we have listed below some actions mums can implement to keep their children studying and engaged at school activities:

  • Set realistic and consensual goals: At the beginning of each school term, mum and child sit together and discuss past grades and the term’s curriculum, in such a way both feel confident to set goals for grades and achievements throughout the term.
  • Plan daily routine: Especially due to time requests from both the child’s school and the mum’s employer, a daily routine must be implemented in order to ensure both will use their available time in the most efficient way, avoiding idle time for both.
  • Real-life learning check: Instead of acting as an examiner making direct questions clearly “school-born”, the mum can make creative questions and challenges related to daily life to check how much the child can apply what was learnt into a real-life case. For example, if the child is learning to multiply by 3, you can casually discuss about a dessert recipe that needs five spoons of sugar per person, and you are planning to make it for the child, dad and you – then you ask the child how many spoons you would need in total for the recipe.
  • Effective study environment: Children usually have many opportunities to get distracted and avoid studying. Thus, it’s very important to remove as many distracting factors as possible, such as blocking access to TV, videogame, music and other elements – which doesn’t mean to bluntly prohibit, but actually reach to this agreement together by emphasising the value of being responsible and trustworthy. However, removing distractions is not the only action here – you have to provide all the elements to improve study efficiency. It means comfortable desk and chair, lighting, school supplies for all possible needs etc.
  • Be a role model: Whenever possible, show the child how to produce content efficiently. If you work from home, you can be both at the same room: the child will be reading school books and writing homework, while you are writing some report or analysing your work papers. If you can show how to study using your own job as an opportunity, your child will very likely follow your behaviour.

By implementing one or more of these actions at home, you’ll be contributing hugely to the studies and good grades of your children with a much lower level of stress. In case of any query, the Speakable team will be always ready to provide support, especially through our Parent Coaching program. The Speakable team wishes a wonderful Mother’s Day to all our clients and their families!

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