Speakable updates its COGMED services

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Speakable updates its COGMED services

Neurologic conditions and neurodiversity affect people in different ways, sometimes acting as barriers for them to make the best use of their own memory to remember recent events, information from many years ago, or simply organise knowledge to access and use when socialising or working.

One of the most famous and reliable techniques for the improvement of memory capabilities is COGMED, owned by the education-centred multinational named Pearson. It is present in many clinics and educational institutes for many years, and recently it has passed through an upgrade for a better performance in a world increasingly more dependent on remote work and digital platforms.

According to COGMED’s website, there are many big changes for the better, highlighting these ones below:

  • An incentive system is paramount for motivation and compliance
  • The current Robo Racing (RM) and Aquarium (JM) are replaced with a persistent world builder (Create theme) that visualizes training progress
  • Motivational gamification mechanism that integrates rewards (earning gold and gems) during training
  • Allows users to present their unique Cogmed training creation to parents and peers
  • Extendable to future new themes (e.g. gardening, ocean, space etc)
  • Research-based activities with scientific proof (click here to learn more)

Binh Doan, Speakable’s owner and leader of therapy staff, participated in the updating processes and considers the new version of COGMED is even more user-friendly than before, with a modern and effective organisation of content and activities, very easy to navigate.

Speakable is a registered provider of COGMED training for $1,500. Please click here to learn more about our services. If you want to keep improving your working memory, check out eight tips we listed for you by clicking here.

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