Activities to stimulate children’s memory

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Activities to stimulate children’s memory

Among the many skills children develop for mental activities until adulthood (and never stopping the development of such skills), memory is among the most relevant ones, affecting aspects ranging from socialisation to school performance. In order to help you stimulate your children, we have listed some great and easy games that will make the memory stimulation fun among you.

  • Matching memory cards: The most classic one comes first – the child has to memorise the cards whenever turning them and matching with another card with the same picture. You can find 15 free, printable matching memory card decks clicking here.
  • What’s missing? You simply show a number of items to the child at the same time, give them a time to memorise (or you can use the time to talk about the items’ characteristics such as shape, colour etc.), then you ask the child to close their eyes. When the child opens their eyes, you’ll have removed one item and the child must identify which one is missing.
  • String of elements: There are many ways to play this game. There’s the one in which the first person says “I went shopping and bought a(n) [item].” The next person says “I went shopping and bought a(n) [item] and [another item]”, adding a new element to the sequence. The string of elements can also explore numbers, where each participant repeats all numbers said before and adds a new one at the end.
  • Magic Cup: Another classic one, you just put a small item under one of three cups with their bottoms up, move them around one another and the child must identify where the small item is by memorising the movement of cups, not guessing.

When playing these games with your child, you might identify special difficulty from the child to memorise. If you feel the memory difficulty is somehow concerning, maybe it’s time to take the child to some health professional to be properly tested. If diagnosed with cognitive or working memory difficulties, your child can receive a treatment plan customised for your child’s specific needs. Get in contact with Speakable in case of any question related to memory stimulation and difficulties, we have a team of professionals ready to diagnose and treat this cognitive challenge. Among our many tools, we offer Cogmed (click here to understand how it works). Also, click here for some interesting tips to enhance your working memory.

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