Phonological awareness for preschoolers

Published: 20 May 2022 Tagged: activitiesblendingchildrendecodinggamesphonemic awarenessphonological awarenessreadingSoundsspeakingsyllables
Phonological awareness for preschoolers

The transition to preschool is a significant milestone for a child’s development. Due to this fact, some skills are crucial for the child to have and be able to perform as expected at preschool level. One of these skills is the phonological awareness, which is the capacity to recognise and manipulate sounds in spoken language, is the foundation for decoding, blending, and, eventually, word reading. Phonological awareness develops before formal schooling begins and continues through third grade and beyond. Here is a short list of practical activities to stimulate children’s phonological awareness:

  • Finger-counting words: Hold two hands together and speak a sentence. Put up a finger to indicate each word in the sentence as you speak it. Count the number of words in the sentence.
  • Rhyming: Nursery rhymes are excellent for learning to repeat, recognise, and generate rhyming words.
  • Clap-counting syllables: While saying a word, clapping or patting legs helps a child segment the word into syllables or word pieces. Begin with counting the components of a compound word like hotdog and mailman. Continue by using the children’s names. Then keep going with additional words.
  • Picky puppet: Play the picky puppet game. A basic sock puppet and some picture cards are required. Picky puppet only likes items that start with a certain sound. If the picky puppet likes tomatoes, for example, it will only allow the child to choose picture cards that begin with the /t/ sound.
  • Silly alliteration: Create silly alliteration sentences with your kids' names and repeat them.

There are many other activities that a speech and language pathology specialist could plan and execute – contact us to know more how Speakable can help with phonological awareness or click here to access our page which explains about our services.

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