Back-to-school tips for 2021

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Back-to-school tips for 2021

Last year, we have already listed six great tips for parents and children to follow and ensure a comfortable and confident experience at classroom and when doing homework – you can access those useful tips by clicking here. See below five more tips to help parents and children have a productive and exciting return to school activities.

  • Implement a gradually smoother daily routine as school start gets closer. Sometimes, excessive activities and responsibilities at home might affect the child’s understanding of what is a priority when school is back. Try to remove some chores or even leisure activities to make their biological clocks get used to the new routines.
  • Familiarise with school and year curriculum. A new school year can represent significant changes in activities, expectations from teachers and even students’ self-image. The more the parents understand the school’s curriculum to help their children engage with it, the higher are the chances of having a productive year.
  • Help children set goals for this year and assume the responsibility for it. It is related to the topic above, but it is more focused on making children understand how their engagement at class can help them have less to worry at home or when important exams are undertaken.
  • Organise new routines and engage children in daily decisions. Children must feel immersed in school processes in order to cherish it instead of feeling that school is just a ‘boring period’ before or after the real fun moments of the day. Parents can help them understand the small decisions such as deciding for an apple or a banana to take to school for the break, or helping parents wash the uniforms by putting soap power in the machine etc.
  • Find moments of full relaxation and other activities. Never forget, children are children, not learning robots. They must have fun and out-of-school experiences which enrichen their life. Having fun with parents, playing with siblings, cousins, friends or even online. Playing games, practicing sports, having classes of other activities of interest, reading (or writing) books, performing arts and crafts, all of those activities can maintain children’s physical and mental health.

There are many more tips to help children start off their school year with less stress and more excitement. This article from has also a list 101 tips, use them as a complement to the ones above. Which other tips do you have to share with us?

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