Back to school: 6 tips

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Back to school: 6 tips

This week is the start of 2020 school year in NSW, so many parents and children are facing the common challenges of the period: anxiety, rescheduling priorities, organising children’s materials and routines, and so on. We have separated 6 simple tips for parents whose children are returning to school this week.

  • Try to establish the sleep/wake schedule a week before the class starts, so the child gets used to the new routines after holidays more easily.
  • If it’s a new school or the school has changed processes, it’s always a good idea to get in contact with the school in order to clarify information about anything which is not completely explained. This avoids a lot of negative surprises in the first days.
  • In case of anxiety or stress, parents should take some time to talk to their children about their expectations and fears, in order to turn everything to a brighter side, reminding them of their regular friends at class, the chance of meeting new ones, the school activities that they like and will be performing again etc.
  • Having a friend to go to school or to go home from school is a wonderful solution to keep children safe in the streets and busy throughout the way, so their experience is richer even when walking or on the bus.
  • Make an initial contact with the teacher(s) so you can understand when your child complains or praises the teacher’s performance at class. It will establish a trust-based relationship among student, teacher and parent.
  • Make sure your child will have a nutritious breakfast and meals during class so they can function at their best. Get informed about the school’s meal menus so you can plan the home meals in such a way they are complementary.

There are many more tips to help children start off their school year with less stress and more excitement. This article from has also a list 101 tips, use them as a complement to these six above. Which other tips do you have to share with us?

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