Amazing mobile apps for learning stimulation

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Amazing mobile apps for learning stimulation

Mobile apps are a permanent aid for a huge number of activities of our daily life. We can control our appointments, make notes, entertain ourselves, find necessary information, automate certain activities, and even stimulate learning skills. Though learning stimulation apps are very useful, they are not able to solve any learning difficulty, but can be used as a reinforcement. Here is a useful list of apps to help you or your cared ones with learning difficulties:

  • Epic! Especially for children who struggle with reading or are simply reluctant with reading activities, this e-library presents more than 20,000 children’s books (both fiction and nonfiction ones) and educational videos. Access it by clicking here.
  • Khan Academy Kids. Reading, writing and maths skills are stimulated by this free app, which offers games and engaging visual elements. It is not focused on children with learning disabilities but can be extremely helpful to them. Access it by clicking here or here.
  • LetterSchool. Preschool and primary skills are stimulated by this app, with the opportunity to also stimulate fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. It helps children acquire knowledge and skills related to letter formation, letter sounds and names, spelling, counting and others by guiding them to tap, touch and trace colourful animations. Access it by clicking here.
  • My PlayHome. Verbalisation, social and emotional skills and language skills are stimulated by this app, which allows the user to create and conduct the actions of a family of up to 15 characters, whose stories can be created and shared with other people. Access it by clicking here.
  • SoundingBoard. Focused on users who are unable to speak or who have limited speaking skills, this augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) presents preloaded boards with symbols which reproduce as verbal messages. Access it by clicking here.
  • Speechify. According to the app’s developers, this mobile application was made especially for people with Dyslexia, ADHD and low vision. It transforms any text into an audiobook to keep the user focused and able to retain more information from the text. Access it by clicking here or here.
  • Tales2Go. This one-month trial app presents a comprehensive list of stories and books for all age ranges as audiobooks, for users who struggle with reading. The app also helps stimulate the users’ listening skills. Access it by clicking here.
  • Todo Maths. More than 2,000 maths gamified activities are ready for the users of this app, including counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and other functions. To help specific learning difficulties, it also offers the OpenDyslexic font option, a simplified keypad and 8 language options. Access it by clicking here or here.

These eight mobile apps above can be very helpful to stimulate your children’s learning skills in many areas from language to Maths, but they alone do not solve any learning difficulty, especially the more complex or severe ones. In case you notice you or a cared one need special approaches towards learning skills, Speakable can help you understand what can be done with therapy sessions to stimulate such learning skills. Click here to know more about our services!

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