Speech and language activities to celebrate Mother's Day

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Speech and language activities to celebrate Mother's Day

Next Sunday , May 10th, it’s Mother’s Day. Every Mom is special in their unique ways and their relevance in children’s communication and ethics is scientifically proven. Therefore, it’s more than deserved a day to recognise all Moms’ importance at home and for children development to adulthood. In order to explore SLP sessions to celebrate this day, we have listed three fun activities:

  1. Card for Mom/Grandma: If you are the Mother, it might not be so fun to ask your child to make a card for yourself. If this is the case, you can invite your child to make a card with you to give to Grandma. You can use a regular paper sheet and fold it in half, encouraging the child to draw Mom/Grandma in the front cover. Inside, you can make oral questions for the child to answer in the card (“What does Mom/Grandma like to do? Why is she special? Where does she like to be? When do you usually talk to her?”). At the end, you can ask the child to write the name (exercising the memory for each letter and their sounds) or maybe invent a signature.
  2. Mom’s Things: In order to practise vocabulary and even grammar for verbs, adverbs and adjectives, you can make a fun project with the child by listing all “mom’s things”. You can make questions about specific keywords and the child tries to list as many activities Mom takes responsibility. For example, “dinner” as a keyword could encourage the child to explain what his or her Mom cooks, how she sets the table, calls everyone to dinner, cleans the table and wash the dishes, each of these activities with as many details as possible. At the end, there will be a very long list of responsibilities and a child probably more aware of his/her Mom’s importance.
  3. Mommy Role Play: An activity which leads to lots of laughs, this one involved asking the child to pretend he or she is Mom, so the child should replicate expressions and sentences Mom usually says, hand gestures, facial expressions and behaviours. Specific words and sentences can be picked from what the child is saying in order to explore them under a speech and language perspective.

These are only three among many fun ideas to use Mother’s Day in speech and language therapy sessions. Do you have more ideas for activities like those ones?

Speakable wishes a wonderful Mother’s Day and recognises the invaluable effect all of you represent in the development and happiness of your children!

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