READ2LEAD comes to celebrate Speakable’s 7th year of operations

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READ2LEAD comes to celebrate Speakable’s 7th year of operations

After the impressive success of Speakaboo Cards as a solution to stimulate and improve reading, writing and speaking skills to children in the last nine months, we celebrate in September the release of a variant tool, called READ2LEAD. This release comes in a great timing, since September is also the month when Speakable celebrates the beginning of its activities in 2014. This 7th birthday represents a great achievement for the clinic, for our team and for the released tools and programs throughout the year.

Still as an evolved adaptation of the Spalding Phonograms, READ2LEAD phonograms are based on multisensory instructions. Learners see, hear, say and write the phonograms using all sensory channels to the brain, improving retention and providing opportunities for practice.

The READ2LEAD phonograms follow the Spalding program so teaching the sound is integrated with handwriting instruction. Precise handwriting is as important as precise pronunciation. Unless learners write, they do not see the correct symbols for the sounds and may not readily recognise them when reading.

READ2LEAD is not only a powerful instrument to reinforce communication skills for people who have English as a second language but also for individuals experiencing neurodiversity conditions such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and similar learning difficulties.

This new tool just reassures Speakable’s commitment to the wellness of our community and the continuous innovation of tools and techniques to ensure individuals can have better communication skills and confidence. We share this same commitment by assuming some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. Here is how Speakable is part of this global initiative:

  • Goal #1: No Poverty. Speakable is engaged in creating balance in citizens’ finances, applying fair prices, negotiating fair relationships with suppliers and contributing to charities such as UNESCO’s World Food Programme.
  • Goal #4: Quality Education. The team of SLPs and Education Advisor are completely engaged in using the best teaching-learning techniques to provide effective and involving sessions to all clients.
  • Goal #17: Partnerships for the Goals. Through the Sub-Goal #17-5 (Invest in Least Developed Countries), initiatives such as The World Food Programme aim to provide better conditions for kids from poor areas to be healthy to study and have a potentially better quality of life while growing.

Anyone can purchase READ2LEAD for the use at home, classrooms or clinics. Part of the cost is directed for Speakable’s corporate social responsibility regarding UNESCO’s World Food Programme, in the form of the inspiring initiative called ShareTheMeal. Feel free to contact us by telephone, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or email to purchase your READ2LEAD deck!

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