Neurodiversity among Marvel Comics mutants

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Neurodiversity among Marvel Comics mutants

When Marvel Comics debuted its X-Men, the main intention was always to help readers understand the negative effects of discrimination and prejudice against minorities. Along the years, an uncountable number of mutant characters was created to become superheroes or even supervillains, but the invitation for a debate about equity and diversity celebration was present in every comic book.

However, even among mutants there are minorities and different backgrounds to help readers understand that, despite being mutants, these characters are individuals with their own characteristics. We have seen different ethnicities, physical and mental disabilities, exotic cultural backgrounds, and even neurodiverse mutants. The three ones below represent three of the most common neurodiverse conditions.

  • Dean Boswell (Dummy): Autism. This young mutant was enrolled at Xavier Institute before his superpowers manifested. He was given a sealed suit because he transformed into a permanent state of gas, and only through the suit he can remain contained.
  • Takeshi ‘Taki’ Matsuya (Wiz Kid): Dyslexia. Taki is not only a young boy with Dyslexia, but also had suffered a car crash when younger, losing the movement of his legs and depending on a wheelchair just like his school Headmaster, Professor X. Wiz Kid can use any piece of metal and plastic to assemble incredible technological devices.
  • Jubilation Lee (Jubilee): Dyscalculia. The most popular in this list by far, Jubilee was a very important character in the 90s animated series of X-Men. Her superpower is based on basting what she calls ‘fireworks’, small multicoloured and noisy explosions.

If you have a child who’s experiencing any diversity-based trait or disability, show them that even superheroes can have the same characteristics as they have, so they can become whoever they want. The whole Speakable team celebrates differences and know anyone can be a hero!

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