Light It Red for Dyslexia Awareness Month

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Light It Red for Dyslexia Awareness Month

Code REaD Australia is launching its annual campaign towards the awareness of people with Dyslexia across the country. This neurodiverse condition affects a significant number of people, who suffer from frustration and even school bullying when their condition is not fully understood by classmates and even by teachers. Red is the chosen colour because it is connected to the frustration of children with dyslexia receiving their marked school work in red, so this colour must be reinterpreted as a signal of understanding and support, not criticism or judgement.

The campaign to increase awareness regarding this condition in 2021 uses the hashtag #LIR2021 to represent the campaign’s title, which is Light It Red for Dyslexia. Here are some initiatives people and organisations can conduct throughout October to help increase awareness about dyslexia:

  • Light your house or commercial spot in red and register it here
  • Inviting your own company or companies at the community to join the cause by sharing the Light Up Request
  • Help your school engage in this campaign by becoming part of the Get On Board for Dyslexia's Red Paper Plane Challenge
  • Buy a ticket for the Light It Red Masquerade Ball, a charity event whose raised funds will go directly to programs designed to support people with dyslexia. This year's event will be held on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 at 7.00pm, at the Adelaide Oval
  • Wear red-coloured clothing and accessories
  • Fly red paper planes or kites
  • Bake, cook, prepare, eat and drink red-coloured foods and beverages
  • Colour objects or yourself in red, such as using red polishing for nails, dye the hair etc.
  • Use red-coloured writing/drawing/painting stuff
  • Craft, build or sculpt red-coloured stuff

And of course, spread these activities to the world using the hashtag #LIR2021 in every post (you can see the hashtag in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for example)!

Speakable is a strong supporter of awareness activities and will always support such initiatives and be ready to offer our services to clients who experience dyslexia! Visit our page regarding our services for Dyslexia Treatment to know how we can help you!

Light It Red for Dyslexia!

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